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  Our Mission
“We want to be India's one of the best manufacture and supplier of Rubber and Plastic Components using Total Quality Commitment to provide the skills to support profitable customer relationship.” “We shall achieve this goal with Customer Satisfaction through Continual Improvement in all areas of operations with Quality, Productivity and Timely Delivery.”

Products & Service Policy :
We take all the pride, to say that, today we are the one of the organized and efficient manufacturer specialist in the industry. We can provide practical solutions to sealing problems as well as to the industrial day-to-day OEM’s, maintenance and spares requirements. The latest computer software not only enables, effective stock management but also helps to ensure efficient dispatch, nationally as well as internationally. Specifying and providing the most suitable sealing products demands, in depth product knowledge and extensive application experience. Our refusal to compromise our stance, as a dedicated sealing specialist ensures that, all our customers receive a standard of service and breadth of product range unsurpassed within the industry.

We will support all critical sealing applications. We will operate
a culture of total quality commitment an enterprise wide
performance ethic, which, in addition maintain internationally
recognized quality standards, strive to deliver a high level of
customer services unmatched within the industry.

  Service and Delivery
Warehousing & Stock:
We are one of the largest specialists of fluid seals, over 36000 product lines, which cover the majority of industrial applications. We optimize our stock holding to satisfy daily demands.

Whether a customer needs Oil Seals due to an enforced maintenance shut down or as part of planned production cycle, timely delivery is paramount. Irrespective of whether the order is for trade counter collection, dispatch on overnight courier for next day delivery of the available products. We take great pride in the efficiency of our sales and distribution network.

Sealing Advisory Services :
Customer satisfaction means using the right seal for every job; we are least interested in supplying a compromise alternative. That's why, when a specialist solution is required, our engineers service is available.
  Introduction / Setup

Puja Fluid Seals Pvt. Ltd. is an manufacturing unit based in pune, India., specialized in sealing segments. Organisation  is having experience of more than 20 years in the same field and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Team members of unit are highly qualified, experienced & enthusiastic persons.

PUJA FLUID SEALS PVT. LTD.  manufactures a complete range of  seals, covering  all the segments of industries i.e. automobile, machine tool, hydraulic and pneumatic applications, cement , steel, power generation unit, textile, engineering industries, earth moving application, agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, defence, food processing industries, railways etc.

A most trusted name in industry for seals and rubber products. Our set up is established with an vision to serve the industries with a perfect solution for growing demand of technical seals, timely delivery, cost effective and durable solution. Our service to industry for 20 years has given us an opportunity to work with almost all kind of industry and to understand their application requirement completely. Also we continuously upgrade ourselves with the latest technology and requirement of customers. Our technically qualified and enthusiastic team members are always concentrating on the technical requirement of customers

We are the only manufacturer  and supplier of seals having vast range of product with stock to cater the urgent requirement. Our product range meet  to all the standards used in industry i.e. IS, ASTM, DIN, ISO, JAPANESE , special requirements like FDA, MIL stds. Etc. we are back with all the necessary infrastructure required  to successfully deliver the product.

 Our standard  product range covers Oil seals, O-rings, hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, p.u. seals, composite seals, chevron packing, dowty seals, diaphragm, antivibration mount, wiper seals, rubber bellow,  rubber cord, rubber extruded profile, rubber gasket,  rubber sheet, customer specified product etc.

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